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HOW TO: Order the OEC Refresher Online Segment


1.      If you leave the online refresher and want to re-enter it where you left off, go to “Order Status” at the top of the online store page.  If you click on this, you will see the Hybrid refresher that you ordered.  Click on it and it will pick up where you left off.

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Summertime Fun

Ok Dodge Ridge family...looking for some summertime fun? 

Two upcoming events that several of us are planning to attend and you 
are all invited!!! 

Sierra Music Fest is Saturday August 23rd
Marshall Tucker Band among the lineup. 
We can take RV's ($35 but must be reserved in advance)........get your tickets now.

Looking at a houseboat/boating weekend on Melones..possibly the weekend of Sept 6-7
Hopefully there will still be water :-) 
There is a place to camp so bring your RV, tent or boat and stay the weekend or 
just come for the day. More info to follow.

So Save the Dates and lets get together for some fun!!


Chair Evacuations in the Snow!

Chairlift Evacuation Training:

Toboggan Chairlift Evacuation Training:


WMI Case Studies - OEC Practice

WMI (Wilderness Medical Institute) has a section on their website that has Case Studies that are basically scenarios. They provide the SOAP report (well the S and O) and SAMPLE, then you have to decide the A and P (assessment and plan). It gets you thinking about different scenarios and is based on Wilderness medicine where you don't have the luxury of an Aid room and ambulences. They may have a little different outlook on the PLAN, but the assessment will help you hone your skills.

Winter Sports Injury Symposium


Lance at Headquarters!

From this month's Sweep Newsletter:
NSP Visitors of the Month
Lance Vaughan and Tom Sherry
Lance Vaughan, of the Dodge Ridge Ski Patrol, and Tom Sherry, of the Northstar Resort Ski Patrol, stopped by the office while they were in town for NSP's 75th Anniversary Event.

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